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Raise your glass

Normally I get to drink Champagne two or three times a year, raising a glass at someone’s birthday or as the fireworks herald the start of a New Year. But on a trip to Champagne with friends this autumn, I drank almost nothing else but Champagne. And quite a lot of it too. At one memorable dinner in a Michelin 2-star restaurant in Reims we got through several magnums of Besserat de Bellefon Champagne during the seven course meal. We started with a rose, moved on to the Cuvee des Moines Brut and finished with an extra-dry Blanc de Blancs. I was surprised at just how well it matched almost all the dishes (we ordered an excellent Syrah from the Rhone vineyards of Michel and Stephane Ogier to go with the Corsican steak) and how clear all our heads were the following morning.

Besserat de Bellefon

The next day after visiting the Besserat de Bellefon Champagne house in Epernay we lunched at a fine restaurant near the Cathedral. The first course was a salmon mousse and the main course duck and yes, they both went very well with Champagne. It’s a good job Besserat de Bellfon has 15 km of tunnels on five levels and 22-million bottles ageing quietly in them. I could become a regular Champagne drinker.

Tasting Wine

Perfumed and wild

Perfumed, gamey, wild, leathery, earthy, lusty. These are just some of the adjectives used by wine writers to describe the Monastrell grape (Mourverdre in French) from southern Spain. However it’s described, we believe it will be a big hit as it gets to be better known in Poland. So that you can get acquainted with this perfumed, wild and lusty grape, we’ll be pouring five different Monastrell wines at Vinoteque Sopot on Friday, April 19th. All are rated between 89-93 points by Robert Parker.

As always there’ll be interesting food to go with the wine. The all-inclusive price 135 zl per person. And yes, John will be there to talk about the wines.

Bookings: lub 58 681 28 52